You may only be someone in the world, but to someone else, you may be the world.

John Doe

Say “Yes” To God

Luke 1:26-35

When the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and told her she was highly favored and the Lord was with her, she must have been terrified because he then said “do not be afraid”.  He explained God’s plan to her in detail.  She questioned how this could happen since she was a virgin.  Gabriel explained God is powerful and He would cause the miraculous to happen.  She replied “may it be to me as you have said”.  She agreed to be part of God’s plan.  She could have said “no thanks”.  Her willingness to participate in the birth of the Jewish Messiah would ultimately lead to the restoration of fellowship between God and mankind.  When we say “yes” to God and allow him to use us, we continue to participate in His ongoing plan of restoring individuals to fellowship with Him.  

Sharon Miller

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